How not having cable TV landed me in a bakery

In hindsight, it was unavoidable.

  1. Dan and I don’t have cable television. We haven’t for years. We subscribe to Netflix and Hulu, mostly, and rent movies on iTunes.
  2. Recently I’ve been wanting to watch PBS’ Great Performances series — but we don’t have access to it. Last night Dan subscribed to Rocky Mountain PBS for access to PBS streaming programming.
  3. Eager to get the bang for our buck, I’ve been trying to watch other PBS content. Today I discovered a season of The Great British Baking Show that hadn’t made it to Netflix yet. We decided to watch an episode over lunch.
  4. The episode was Cake Week.
  5. Oh god why.
  6. Enter: an unrelenting craving for cake — and not a grocery store sheet cake but some kind of propa’ genoese!

Thank heavens for Daddy Cakes Bakery, a two-mile straight-shot from our house.

Their selection today did not include everything on the online menu but the options were still broad, and included tons of pastry and breakfast goodies.

Their shop itself is also enormous. From the outside it appears small to me, but I’m learning that many buildings downtown have a shotgun layout that makes them deceptively deep.

I brought home two slices of cake and two cream puffs. I’m sure to be back before the end of the season. (Episode 2 is Biscuit Week so I’m basically already in the car again.)

Hello, gorgeous.
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