(I can’t believe they let me into) Social

Located under Old Town Fort Collins is a trendy speakeasy-style bar that somehow my crotchety self was permitted to enter.

Our friends Kate and Justin have been singing Social‘s praises since our arrival to Fort Collins 12 weeks ago. (12 weeks?!) They booked a sitter and invited us along.

Social is so popular that a line forms outside, but that’s actually part of the fun. On the night we visited, it was around 30 degrees out — they had warm cider on hand, to Kate’s sheer delight.

We only waited a few minutes, then were sent directly to a table, to my sheer delight.

Look at these goddang cocktails and desserts. Dan and I shared a basil-and-white-chocolate mousse with pomegranate seeds and Nilla wafers. You can see Dan’s spiked cider, plus my lavender sour and whatever citrus-y madness Justin ordered. (Sorry Kate, I was too busy horking the mousse to take a picture of your drink and your hot apple crumble that I’m ordering next time.)

Everything tasted delicious, the atmosphere was cozy but not ear-splitting, and I was never made to feel uncool. Three cheers for a new favorite hang and for friends who know where the fun is — and will invite you along.


Hello, gorgeous.
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