Christmas Day Part 1: Rocky Mountain National Park

This is the first of two posts about how Dan and I spent Christmas Day 2017 — our first Christmas in Colorado. Following the lead of good friends such as Kate and Toni, we decided to spend Christmas at Rocky Mountain National Park.

For Christmas last year, Dan gifted me a beautiful pair of Fimbulvetr snowshoes — and then Cincinnati proceeded to act like a barren, snowless grouch for the entire winter. Though it’s late December, there hasn’t even been enough snow in Fort Collins to warrant a maiden voyage yet — but in Rocky, we found an opportunity.

(This year I also received a gaiter as a gift.)

Many park roads were closed — we wandered familiar areas including Moraine Park.

A (windy, brutal…,) beautiful day, and hopefully a new Christmas tradition.

Hello, gorgeous.
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2 thoughts on “Christmas Day Part 1: Rocky Mountain National Park

  1. I must have done something wrong when I signed up for this before, when you told me about your blog. I am at the home tonight with my mom. The chat in the room turned to Colorado which made me think of you and Dan. I’ve been reading your blog to my mom and I showed everyone the pictures of you guys and your snowshoes, which everyone enjoyed!

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