Dumplings in Boulder

Merry Christmas, Boulder!

Our friend Danny invited us to town for lunch at Zoe Ma Ma, a tiny restaurant full of “super yummy street food.” There are about 6 tables in the joint and the place was hopping. Danny moved to Colorado from Cincinnati about two weeks after we did — he understands our strange mix of homesickness and delight. It was lovely to catch up with Danny over steamed buns and dumplings.

After dim sum, Dan and I wandered a small handful of our favorite shops along Pearl Street before giving up — the last Friday before Christmas is a horrible time for crowd-averse people to be anywhere near Boulder.

Though chilly and lightly snowy, the sun was beaming all day. Our drive home was a stunner — I catch the sunset a lot more often now that it occurs at 3:30 pm.

Hello, gorgeous.
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