Bustang still isn’t paying me

Still no sponsorship deal from Bustang, despite my evangelism of their delightful express route from Fort Collins to Denver and back. Man I love that bus.

Union Station is dressed for Christmas!

I had a few errands to run in Denver this time around. Luckily, one was meeting a new friend at the Denver Art Museum

The museum has closed one of their large buildings for a renovation/expansion, and as a result some public art is missing since I was downtown a few weeks ago. Where did this enormous piece go?

And I had just dragged Dan over to enjoy this mural over the dumpster, which is now missing from the north building. 

I did find these cows, however. I am sure they have always been there, I’ve just walked in the wrong direction.

I popped by the Red Chair Bookshop, operated by the Denver Public Library. Cute.

“I don’t take enough selfies,” said no one ever. (Also, notice I am not wearing the winter coat I brought with me. Colorado!)

Denver also had a Christkindlmarkt going on. I wish I had known — I would have much preferred Knödel to the sandwich I horked for lunch.

There were dozens of sweet shops at the Markt, though some of the quaint magic is lost in the stark Denver sunshine. Plus my Christmas shopping is already finished — I’d like to blame that on having to mail gifts back to Cincinnati, but the fact is I start shopping in October.

And back to gorgeous Union Station, this time from behind, where the new gigantic Whole Foods lives. I always stop by Pigtrain just before catching the bus home — this time I brought home a maple Hotbox doughnut for Dan and a strawberry-lemonade doughnut for myself. Over time, these gestures have trained Dan to look forward to me coming home. Thanks, Pavlov!

Hello, gorgeous.
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