Lory State Park

Lory State Park, about 8 miles from home, checked a major box for me: a place where I can hike while Dan can mountain bike. We have found many places that are good for one or the other, but Lory fits the bill.

On this sunny, warm Saturday, Dan and I took a 4-mile hike on the Timber and West Valley trails. The Timber Trail features a good deal of climbing, but all on mellow switchbacks — I found them easy at the time, but my legs protested when I got home. Perfect!

Most of the hike offers a view of Horsetooth Reservoir. Dan has biked on the other side of the reservoir and says it is always much busier — we had Lory to ourselves today, besides an active throng of mountain bikers.

The park looks like great terrain for mountain biking, including its own pump track and technical course. It should keep Dan busy for hours while I tackle the trail network. 

Hello, gorgeous.
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