Twitter Day

About a decade ago, I made a handful of really great friends through Twitter. (Dan was one of those people, actually!) This weekend a pair of those friends were nearby — Lindsay and Tim were visiting Lindsay’s family in Denver for Thanksgiving. Dan and I met them in Golden, at a brewery where Lindsay’s brother’s delicious food truck was stationed. (Order. The brisket. Grilled cheese.)

On top of that: Rommie, another Twitter friend of something-like-ten-years, happened to be passing through Fort Collins. Rommie and Meg met us for an incredibly fun dinner with even more Twitter friends Toni and Dan, who recently moved just down the road to Loveland.

Not to get squishy, but this day felt like the universe smiling on me. This year’s Thanksgiving was a lonely one, and it was a happy change of pace to be surrounded with so many friends that I may have taken a tiny recharge nap between lunch and dinner.

These days, most of us have abandoned the dumpster fire that is Twitter — Dan and myself included — and it always surprises me how these friendships persevere. So who will the Twitterverse unearth next? (We have a guest room… kind of…)

Hello, gorgeous.
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