Eagles and turkeys

Our Thanksgiving began with a sleeping pill. Neither Dan nor I had been sleeping well, and our Thursday morning plans fell through (feel better, Justin!), so we crashed hard the night before with the help of some Unisom.

Eventually we did drag ourselves out of the house to visit Eagle’s Nest. We had the trail to ourselves, and accidentally walked it backwards. They don’t tell you there’s a backwards, but there’s definitely a backwards, as you learn when the second half of the hike begins climbing and the few hikers you do pass shoot you “why are you doing it the hard way” looks.

I wanted a non-selfie shot of us but we didn’t have a tripod on hand. This is the best we got and actually we both kind of love it. It looks like my life right now: smiling but lopsided, with maybe the wrong things in focus.

I’m not sure our ~3 mile hike earned us a lavish Thanksgiving dinner but we made one anyway, replicating the Reid family dinner as best as we could. Turkey, stuffing, corn, green(us) bean(us), mashed potatoes, Hawaiian rolls. With just the two of us it felt lonely, but we made the most of it. I think without at least going through the motions of tradition, I would have been completely heartbroken.

We have a lot to be grateful for, this and every year.

Hello, gorgeous.
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