Hello, Danny!

The community of transplants from Ohio is strong in Colorado, I am quickly learning. Today I had an interview with a woman from Columbus; yesterday I met someone from Athens in church.

When we were a few weeks out from leaving Cincinnati, our friend Danny Korman reached out to say he was also moving to Colorado — in fact, just a week or so after we were. Last night we met up with him in Boulder, where he has landed.

The funny thing: we’d never grabbed a bite with Danny when we were all in Cincinnati. Bizarre how that works. Somehow it still felt like old times, and it was lovely to celebrate Colorado’s bike culture with someone who a) is in the same honeymoon phase we’re in, and b) comes from the same less-than-stellar bike culture that we do.

(Plus: mmm, Mandala Infusion.)

Dan and I also kicked around Pearl Street for an hour or two on our own, doing some light Christmas shopping and visiting favorite haunts. Below are shots from University Bicycles (so friendly!), Two Hands Paperie (so motley!), Fjällräven (so Scandanavian!), and Into the Wind (so… kitey, I don’t know, I’m writing this late at night).

Hello, gorgeous.
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