My Otter Story

You have probably heard of the company Otterbox — they are local to Fort Collins, and they have a brick-and-mortar store downtown. I spent a lot more time downtown than Dan does (what with him having a job and all), and so there are certain stores and restaurants that I “save” so that we can visit together — including the Otter Shop.

Honestly, I hadn’t been dying to visit a store full of phone cases. However, a few days ago we visited a sporting goods store that had these stuffed otters with NOT FOR SALE tags on them, so Dan used that to bait me. (“Maybe they have that otter.”)

So we pop into this store “for a minute” and find they have all kinds of cool merch, including their own brand of Yeti-like coolers. They also have a “Snap Spot” for photos with a Jeep in a cute little forest landscape. (Do you know Dan does not even fight me about goofy photos like this anymore? I have ruined this poor man.)

I look around the store and don’t see any otters but I am not deterred. Naturally, I have a photo of the otter ON MY PHONE, because basically my mom taught me never to take “not for sale” for an answer. (See also: “you can’t go in there,” “you can’t wear that,” “one-way street.”) I pull an employee aside and ask about the otter — yes, he says, they did have Olly (AAAAH!) at one point, for their grand opening, but no more. Dejected, I sadly take more pictures of the Jeep while Dan looks at cases.

(Quick aside: Dan gets restless when I look at an entire store full of myriad clothes for ten minutes, while he can ogle a selection of three phone cases for like an hour.)

A few minutes later, the employee (Shawn/Sean/Shaun) comes back around and says he has done some digging and — hope against hope — look what he found.

The story does not end there, because I bought a phone case on the spot. Not only did I sorely need one, and not only was the price right, and not only was the case mint green okay okay but I was also very touched by this experience, and I believe in supporting the companies where you have positive interactions. Especially when they’re local! And especially when they are known for being major philanthropists!

P.S. Olly is available online. In various outfits. My little tiny Olly is not available because he came from the heart.

Hello, gorgeous.
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2 thoughts on “My Otter Story

  1. Sean from Ottershop here! It was such a pleasure reading this! I am so happy that we were able to get you a little Ollie!

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