House tour: living room artwork

A few weeks ago I posted that the living room was coming together but without artwork it felt bare. We have hung two of my favorite pieces over the couch — purchased from a series Rapha put together to commemorate the Tour de France centennial, I had these framed for Dan’s birthday a few years back. (Cincinnati friends: head to Frameshop, they’ll do right by you.)

Here are two living room angles with artwork — and no boxes! — and window treatments still to come!:

We hung our Chris Foss/Dune piece in the space between the kitchen and living room — I am so glad to be able to see it daily:

And two more pieces in the kitchen — a Low concert poster (this is a Dan band that I have literally never even heard but you have to admit that artwork is killer) and a smaller piece from photographer Joshua White, whose work you should check out, especially his series Survey.

Slowly but surely…!

Hello, gorgeous.
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One thought on “House tour: living room artwork

  1. I’m totally reading your blog in one sitting, and doing so backwards. We got Dan that Low poster! The house is looking great. We’re trying to plan our Colorado trip in March or April – will make sure we connect with you!!

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