I didn’t cry at IKEA

It’s true! Dry eyes all around.

IKEA overstimulates me. I can’t be alone in that. As design-chewy and dazzling as I find it, about 40 minutes in I am usually reduced to an anxious, weepy version of myself until I can sit in a dark room sipping on some Orinoco Flow.

But not this time — and even more astounding, Dan and I survived a day of IKEA assembly free of marital spats. We are now the proud owners of two green Malm tables for beside our bed as well as a gorgeous and functional Bestå TV stand, customized to our mutual enjoyment.

Every day our house feels more like home. This is our third house together and by now we are fairly savvy about how to mesh our styles, I’m pleased to say. I am eager to share more photos but perhaps you can see all of the cardboard boxes above? Everything functional is where it needs to be in our house, but that last 10-15% of unpacking is a real bear and includes things such as our robust artwork collection and our travel map.

Today marks one week since we rolled into town.

Hello, gorgeous.
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